How To Get Rid of Moths In Carpet: 5 Effective Ways

Getting rid of carpet moths will preserve the quality of your carpet. Carpet moths, also known as Tineola bisselliella, usually love warm and humid conditions.

But you cannot take chances with the cleanliness of your home which is why you need to prevent them and when you have an infestation, kick them out as soon as possible. 

Before you consider getting professional help from carpet cleaners in Perth, you need to know how to identify and remove them, which is why you're reading this article. Get ready to flip the rugs as I take you through helpful tips and tricks to help you through this journey.

how to get rid of moths in carpet

5 Effective Ways To Get Rid of Carpet Moths

1. Identification (What Kind of Moths? Insects)

Moths can lay 200-300 eggs at a go which is obviously so tiny that they can be hard to identify and will not leave on their own accord. 

Carpet moths are textile pests that usually introduce themselves from used clothes and rugs and afterwards, they ruin these materials by feeding on keratin which is a kind of protein found in the hair, feathers and even carpets. 

They are light brown and rarely fly. Asides from getting an infestation by using fairly used products, moths can form on their own because they love the temperature and lighting an average home gives. 

2. Assessment (How Severe is my Carpet Moth Infestation?)

The birth rate of moths already makes it a serious matter. Imagine hundreds of larvae being born at a go, how much will it amount to in a few weeks? They are incredibly destructive to your furniture.

To detect the state of infestation, look around your house carefully. If you can see more than two moths, it's at a startup stage after which they will procreate and cause ruins all around. 

If you notice patches and signs of infestation increase within a few hours or days, you may be dealing with a big problem. Be observant and refuse to neglect constant inspection of your home.

3. Signs of Carpet Moths ( DO Research!)

Are you curious to find out if you are sharing your living space with moths? Here how

Indications of a moth infestation are;

  • Patches or holes in the carpet, and furniture.
  • Check for larvae which often look like maggots. These are usually rice-shaped cases.
  • Black dots on the carpet
  • Crawling caterpillars under the rug

Eradication or Cleaning

Many believe that eradicating carpet moths has to do with cleaning and vacuuming but this only reduces their number and does not guarantee total elimination.

4. Maintenance (How do I Keep my Home Carpet Moth Free?)

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly deep cleans your furniture and will take away dirt and residue of moth activity. They breed when conditions are favourable for them and vacuuming is a threat to the environment they need to thrive.

Steam Clean

Steam cleaning is also a valuable and effective way of preventing moths from dwelling in your home. They love humid and cold conditions which will allow their larvae to live well. Steam cleaning involves a lot of heat that will not only clean but kill the larvae of moths hiding in your carpet.

Air out the Home

Humidity is also associated with closed or hot spaces.  When there is no air, the room can become damp, hot and muggy and carpet moths will gladly take initiative to live under such conditions which is why airing out your home is a priceless and effective way to prevent them. 

Clean air will make your home smell better and feel more lovely as it helps you stay moth free.

Natural Repellents

There are many homemade repellents you can make. You can try using vinegar, mint, cedarwood or mix fired herbs, lavender and rosemary in little bags and hang them around your home. These scents put together repel their existence and activities. Be careful however to change it occasionally especially when the scent weakens.

Change the Temperature

Adjust the temperature of your home because it goes a long way in determining whether they stay or not. Avoid wet rugs or humid conditions. Dry and cold spaces barely breed carpet moths which is why you need to keep your room cool and fresh.

Deep Clean

Carpet moths can be dealt with by deep cleaning. You can rest assured that the chemicals and heat will leave no room for the survival of these pests. So get ready to say goodbye to them if you choose to deep clean.

Continue to Monitor for Carpet Moths

Carpet moths can be hard to get rid of because of how fast they procreate. It takes only one moth to start a full cycle of terror once again. It can be easy to rest easy after seeing positive results from containment measures but it's best to keep an eye out for spots you may have missed or regeneration spots.


Carpet moths are highly destructive and will wreak a lot of havoc wherever they go. They leave behind bald rugs, threadbare furniture, and stained fabrics and these are not all they can do to your belongings. 

But there is good news, you can restore your carpet. Use white vinegar and baking soda for a stainless, moth-free rug. 

These combinations should be mixed and applied on the rug after using baking soda and water on the carpet overnight and vacuuming afterwards. An added advantage is an odour-free carpet.

Continue Monitoring Moths For Future Prevention

Carpet moths can be a nightmare for any homeowner. The panic and dread alone have a way of keeping you on high alert to prevent it from happening again. 

After an experience with their operation and methods, you know better about their presence and how to prevent it. Keep monitoring to prevent them.

Natural Homemade Moth Repellent Remedies

There are many ways to repel moth attacks. You can make your choice based on the one you feel will be more effective for you or the item you can easily acquire.


Making cedarwood homemade repellent is not rocket science. Get 40 drops of cedarwood essential oil, distilled water and half a spoon of Witch hazel. Nix together and apply on surfaces.


Due to its acidic content, vinegar is a no-no for carpet moths. All you have to do is mix white vinegar with water and apply it on surfaces. Leave to work and after a while, you can air your room to get rid of the strong smell.


This household ingredient is not just for your meals and tea, it will give your moths a good spanking. You can hang the day leaves in strategic places or use mint oil.

Damp Cloth and Iron

This method won't cost a dime. Place a damp cloth on the carpet and put the iron on it till the steam goes up. This will keep your rug free from infestation and will fluff it up.


Will vacuuming get rid of carpet moths?

Vacuuming is a great way to get rid of carpet moths however, it is not totally reliable. It reduces the presence of larvae and moths but it doesn't guarantee total removal.

How do I get rid of moths ASAP?

The fastest and most effective way is to contact pest control. But if you seek an alternative, homemade remedies will also be very helpful.

Can carpet moths live in underlay?

Yes. They always need a place to breed and the darker and more hidden it is, the better it is for them.

Do carpet moths spread from room to room?

Yes. The adults can fly but the larvae can easily be transmitted unknowingly by shifting pieces of furniture, clothes or fabrics that they live on etc. As far as they attach themselves to these surfaces, if moved they will start the cycle of havoc in the next location.

Can carpet moths live in your hair?

Carpet moths love keratin and it can be found in our hair but they will rather breed somewhere safer, darker and hidden than the hair. The adults will not choose your hair as a breeding ground except if it's a strand lying on the floor.

What smells keep moths away?

The smell of Cedarwood and Bay leaves is highly unappealing to carpet moths. They find it hard to stay in such spaces.

What scent kills moths?

There are very strong scents that will keep the moths away like thyme, rosemary, lavender, vinegar and mint.

How does vinegar get rid of moths?

Vinegar can alter the pH of surfaces when applied by introducing certain levels of acidity. The larvae of carpet moths are highly incompatible with such environments and will most likely die as a result.

Get Rid of Disgusting Carpet Moths From Your Carpet

Carpet Moth eradication is not something you want to play around with. Some methods may not be efficient when it is not done properly. To save yourself the stress, and time and kick out uncertainty, contact us for a 99.9% effective carpet Moth containment.

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